Instant-Pot Recipe: Pulled Pepper Steak
  • 3-4 pounds beef (cheap steak or roast cuts will all work)
  • 1 16-oz jar Mild Pepper Rings (banana peppers or pepperocini)*
  • 3 TB Adam's Reserve House All Purpose Rub**
  • ½ cup broth or water
  1. Season all sides of the beef with the rub and place in the Instant Pot.
  2. Pour Peppers (including juice) over the meat and then add the broth/water.
  3. Seal the Instant Pot and select the Meat setting, and set for 70 minutes.
  4. Use a natural release before opening the Instant Pot.
  5. Shred the meat and serve as desired over rice/potatoes, in tacos or enchiladas, or on top of salads.
The jarred peppers can typically be found in the "Italian" foods section of your grocery store.
Adam's Reserve House Rub is my go-to spice; it's simply a prepared blend of salt, cracked black pepper, and dried garlic. It's AWESOME and is what we use to season beef and pork regardless of cooking application.
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