Can I Freeze Bacon? Absolutely!
  • Cooked bacon
  • Freezer Safe bags, aluminum foil, etc.
  1. Cook the sliced bacon (check out my oven method for bacon).
  2. Allow bacon to cool and drain on paper-towels
  3. Using either freezer-safe bags or aluminum foil, seal the bacon into "family-portions" (enough cooked slices your family's breakfast; I decided to limit my people to 1-2 slices per person), removing as much air as possible. I have tried both methods and the bags are obviously faster when you are packaging. If you opt for aluminum foil, you can lay the slices out on a sheet of foil and then roll the foil up over each slice (aka jelly-roll style) -- make sure to seal the ends!
  4. Place packaged family-portions into a hard freezer-safe container; this extra step will ensure the bacon slices don't turn into bacon bits after someone throws a heavy steak or carton of ice-cream on top of them.
  5. To Reheat: remove frozen slices and either heat up in a pan on the stove-top or on a paper-towel lined plate in the microwave. Serve immediately.
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