5 Minute School Lunch {iheartLunch}

DIY #GlutenFree Lunchable.jpg

Today, we’re eating lunch at home.  Yup, it’s a sick-day here for the Little Lady and, by extension, the rest of us. Normally, at home, I don’t make up our usual simple bento lunches (yes, I serve kids food on plates like other people); but, today’s lunches were made-ahead of time – part of my process for… 

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Cheese Stuffed Pizza Meatballs {iheartlunch}

Pizza Meatball Bento #grainfree #MushroomMakeover

Sometimes, a Mama just has to get sneaky. Like “hidden vegetables” sneaky. Oh. Snap. (Do the kids still say, “Oh, snap.”?  Well, I’m bringing it back.  Now.) We’ve talked at great length about how Mr. Boy will not, willingly, eat vegetables.  It’s the reason why his healthy school lunches only ever showcase carrots … and… 

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One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish {iheartLunch}

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Bento

  One of my favorite days to commemorate passed by this weekend: Read Across America Day … AKA the birthday of Dr. Seuss!!!! Every year, these bentos are so much fun to plan and create, and this year was no exception.  Going with the classic One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish had been on my… 

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Weekend Dish: I Need A Cleaning Fairy

Curry Chicken Salad and Pretzels for an easy school lunch

Here it is Friday — the Little Lady is at school and the boys are napping.  I *should* be a very good June Cleaver and use this time to clean the destruction that is my home. (kids = daily destruction … in case you didn’t know) But, I’m soooooo not in the mood to clean…. 

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Grain-Free Pinwheels for an Easy School Lunch

Grain-Free Tortilla Pinwheels for an Easy School Lunch

I’m so excited about one of my latest grain-free discoveries — a fast, easy way of making the Kidlets’ favorite quesadillas or, as shown in the lunch above, ham and cheese grain-free pinwheels. In This Bento: Grain-free Ham and Cheese Pinwheels, Dried Apple Chips, Blueberries and Grapes, Baby Carrots. Stored in an Easy Lunchbox The… 

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A Grain-Free Valentine Lunch

paleo valentine lunch #glutenfree #grainfree

Grain Free Valentine Lunch My “creative mojo” has been struggling during the past month and a half.  In my bento cabinets, I have boxes and boxes of sandwich presses, sandwich cutters, and large cookie cutters that have been used over the past three years to make boring sandwiches fun. Now that bread is off the… 

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