Get Rewarded this Holiday Shopping Season

When I was single, foot-loose and fancy free, I loved shopping.  Loved spending the day at the mall, Starbucks in hand, among the crowds … enjoying myself in “peace.”

Four years and three kids later?  I “hate, loathe, despise and abominate” any type of shopping.

Grocery shopping?  The Mall?  Target?

I’d rather stab my eye with a hot french fry.

From the semi-easy days of shopping with two kids.

Even with Hubby in tow, the shopping experience isn’t pleasant and we both very quickly become frustrated and anxious as we navigate unwieldy shopping carts and listen to shrieks of “I WANT DAT!!!!!” and “HE PULLED MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!” and “WAHHHHHHHHHHH!

(that last phrase is the Baby’s contribution)

After a recent trip to Target, I emphatically told Hubby we are either making all of our gifts (thanks to Pinterest gift tutorials) and/or purchasing online because I am NOT taking all three kids out once the holiday shopping traffic picks up.

Not. Gonna. Do. It.

Here’s To Mom — Online Shopping Reward from Mastercard

Since the majority of us moms are the ones handling all the gift selection and purchasing, Mastercard has created the Here’s To Mom Holiday Reward Program.  With this program, we can avoid trips to the Mall or our local supercenters and simply shop at home … in our pajamas … and get rewarded for our purchases.

The “How-To”

  • Enroll with your MasterCard card (credit or debit*) and e-mail address in the Holiday Reward Program
  • Shop online with that card between November 15 and December 31, 2011
  • Track your purchases through simplified online tracking (which will help your budget!)
  • After spending $200 online, you’ll receive an e-mail where you can redeem your gift card reward.

* I’m excited to see that you don’t *have* to use a credit card to enjoy this reward; I use a debit card instead of credit and LOVE that I can still receive “money back” from my online shopping.

So, anyone else planning on shopping online?   I’m thinking craft supplies, wrapping paper and “ready-made” gifts can definitely be shipped to my door this year!

Disclosure: For my work with this program, I am being compensated. Any opinions expressed in this post are my own.


  1. John says

    I believe that this program is only for moms and not for dads :-). I think you must leave your kids at your mother’s place or at a relatives place so that you can enjoy shopping. Good luck!

  2. Steve says

    I know its terrific to shop with kids. Sometimes my kids pick up so many things that I run out of budget and I have force them to keep things back. This Mastercard program is wonderful. May be it can be used for Christmas shopping.

  3. Linda says

    Thanks for the great reward program! I know it is really frustrating to take kids out and do shopping. I always leave my kids at my mother’s place and then go for shopping.

  4. Allaina says

    Wow! How great it can be for a feeling if you have this Master Card Holiday Reward Program… I would love to join here.