Upholstered Headboards, Glass Beds and Shag Carpet. Oh, my!

The kidlets like to jump on the bed.  A lot.

In fact, the Little Lady told us Monday evening that their game is called “Jumps A Lot.”  The rules are simple: throw pillows and blankets on the floor (everyone likes a soft landing) and then jump off the bed.

I'm about ready to pull out this trick and just nail pillows to their walls.*

Do you know how. many. times. they have gotten in trouble, gotten a time out, or lost privileges over this game?  It doesn’t seem to matter what I (or Hubby says) or what we do. . . these children are determined to jump on their new beds, regardless of how many times they “bonk” (toddler-ese speak here) their skulls on the headboards.

In a fit of “I need one more project on my to-do list” thinking, I decided to look for ways to fashion upholstered headboards out of their current hard ones.

Some of my discoveries were pretty.

Wouldn't take much to run with this idea and have a padded toddler room!*

Can I move in?*

Some of my finds were just plain scary.

Yes, he has a tv, stereo, and shag carpeting on his headboard. But, note... he's also ALONE.*

It appears MOSS was the soft cover of choice for this headboard.*

Then… I came across headboards and beds that just left me saying, “Huh?”

If ANYTHING needed to be padded . . . OUCH!*

Who SERIOUSLY thinks Stained GLASS is good for a bed?*

Tacky. That's all I've got.*

Does this one make anyone else claustrophobic?*

I think I’ll just stick with my plain, king headboard . . . and the kidlets?  Well, in light of these options, they can just keep playing “Jumps A Lot.”

With extra pillows.

(*click image to visit image source)

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  1. says

    LMAO at the sandwich bed.
    I do like the one with the pillow that was hanging! Neat idea for a guest room maybe? My kids would rip it off the wall though! =P