Grilled Chipotle Club Wafflewich

Grilled Cheese Club Waffle-wich (3 of 3)

Y’all. I am not ashamed to admit my love of all things cheese. And bacon. And chicken. And waffles. (Nope. No shame.) Add the spicy-smokey flavor of chipotle peppers and I’m in my happy place. Sandwiches were a hard thing to give up when I went grain-free. Not that I haven’t had a sandwich here… 

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Savory Loaded Sweet Potato

Loaded Sweet Potato-1

Before we started raising our backyard flock (forever known as Cluckton Abbey), I didn’t get the “fried egg craze.”  You know — trend where restaurants and food bloggers were topping everything with a bright and sunny fried egg. I mean, sure — I liked eggs.  They were alright but to put them on everything????? Then,… 

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