SwimWays Swim Steps – Giveaway Closed

This summer, I am working with SwimWays as one of their Ambassadors — using a variety of their products to help my kidlets become more comfortable and safe in the water.

The kidlets have spent several weeks now, turning into prunes at our neighborhood pool, splishing and splashing in their SwimWays floatation wear.  The Little Lady has gotten brave enough to dip her ENTIRE chin in the water and Mr. Boy — well, the boy with no fear has learned how to regain his footing and “float” up when he stumbles in the kiddie pool.

(“Stumbles” might not be the right word — that boy LOVES to go under water and deliberately attempts the “real swimming moves” he sees demonstrated by the big kids.  Sigh — he doesn’t believe he’s only 23 months.)

Now I get to share their products  with others!

(woo hoo!)


SwimWays Giveaway

One winner will win his/her choice of the following two SwimWays products:

 Fishbites Soft Swimmies

All the safety and performance features of the original SwimWays® Swimmies with a design so colorful and engaging your kids will be excited to wear them!  The design combines a comfortable fabric cover with security features that maintain freedom of movement.  This combination enables a child to gain confidence in their swimming abilities and begin swimming like a fish!   (Ages 3-5 years)



Want your child to learn to swim like a fish? With the SwimWays® FishKicks board, children can kick their way through the water with some sea worthy friends. The full sized kickboard constructed of sturdy EVA foam comes in two fish-inspired styles – Angelfish and Clown Fish – each with a wobbling eye that kids will love!  (Ages 5 years and up)

To Enter:

Leave a comment below telling me something YOU as a parent, grandparent, guardian, etc., have done to help your child be comfortable in a swimming environment.

Bonus Entries

These entries are completely optional — if you choose to use some of the options for extra entries, please make sure you leave a separate comment for each bonus entry.

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Disclosure: I am a SwimWays Swim Steps Ambassador and have received various water safety products for my family to try.  No other compensation has been received for my work with SwimWays.


  1. Rebecca Peters says

    My son was really really scared of our pool.. he would not get in for the first half of the summer.. I ended up buying my daughter a pool boat float and he wasnted to get in it.. so i let him.. (hes 3 going on 4) then I put him in the pool with a life jacket and now he goes in by himself with his lifejacket on.. (not all by himself.) someone is always at the pool to watch him

  2. amy deeter says

    we put life jackets on them and smile when were in the pool and sing songs

  3. april bever says

    I hold them when we first get in, then slow work our way out, then just let go and they always do great

  4. Jill Myrick says

    At the age of five I actually drown in our public pool. Fortunately a gentleman saw me floating on top of the water and performed CPR.
    So I made sure that once my children turned a year old we began swim lessons.
    It has definitely been worth it. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.


  5. taralynn ross says

    I recently signed my 4 yr old son up for swim lessons. So far he has taken 3. It is awesome to watch him in the water. He loves it. Especially using the kickboard (although he calls it the little surfboard!)

  6. Jennifer says

    We started the summer off in the grandparent’s backyard pool and our toddler was terrified. So, we bought an inflatable one for the back porch and now that she’s been “swimming” for weeks, we’re going to head back to the big pool so Mom and Dad can join in the fun and see how it goes.

  7. says

    My mom has always had a pool so my children learned to swim early. I didn’t have to do anything special to make them love the water. They saw how much fun we were all having and wanted to join in.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  8. Heidi says

    My oldest hates the water, but my youngest is fearless…. Which scares me worse!! If I weren’t on this stinking bedrest, I would be going into the water with my oldest to get him comfortable…

  9. says

    My toddler isn’t scared of the water at all. Actually, I wish he had at least a little bit of fear, but he has none. He’s been around it since an early age though and we keep a life jacket on him constantly.

  10. says

    We are surrounded by lakes here, so water is something my girls have been around since birth, just about.

    We have always made sure to make the kids comfortable in the water while also teaching them water safety, we don’t want them afraid of the water, but we do want them cautious.

  11. Amenda Winter says

    Hi…Swimming is fun especially when it is for all the family and friends as well…

  12. Lisa Keeth says

    Both my boys are so brave around water, we always are sure they have on life jackets on (as much as they hate them they are 2 & 3) LOVE your BLOG (please fess up what’s barney a boy or girl????????) I follow you on FB