Curiosity Breeds Determination and Makes a Mama Cry


baby learning to crawl

It took one sunny day and one pine cone to give Barney Kneeknuckles the drive to “grow up.”

And, yes …. he crawls now.

And had pulled up to standing . . . twice.

And can get into a sitting position by himself.

He says “bite” and “Mama.”

He gives kisses — on demand and voluntary.

Sniff … and he isn’t even eight months old yet.

Big. Sniff.


  1. says

    Oh!! My baby is 10 months… I hate to see them grow up, but I love watching them grow! It’s bitter sweet. The thing I look forward to most is getting a full night’s sleep!!

  2. says

    Oh my goodness – how he’s grown! Let’s just hope he doesn’t say ‘bite’ and ‘mama’ in the same breath 😛 You caught that determined look in his eyes perfectly! I can’t wait for the next update in his race to manhood!

  3. says

    Oh how I feel for ya. :) My son is nine now, and if I think about it for more than a moment, I’ll start bawling. It really is more than I can stand sometimes. They grow up way too fast. As I’m sure you are… savor every single moment.