The Clock is Ticking

Three year olds.

Need I say more?

There are times, like yesterday afternoon, when the Little Lady is very, very much the little diva.  Wearing her Hollywood glasses, sipping her pink lemonade, telling me it’s the perfect day for “Laxin’ in the sunshine.”

There are the times of singing and rhyming . . .  moments when my girly-girl pirouettes in the playroom, experimenting with sounds and words to reveal her opinion and understanding of life.

She’s sweet at those moments.

There are times when she’s the ultimate tom-boy . . . like this past weekend when, helping me plant herbs, she discovered a colony of slugs.  And, “BOY . . . do I weally love SLUGS, Mommy.”

(I probably don’t have to go into the details of how that love didn’t bode well for the longevity of the slugs)

And, of course, there are times when she uses her knowledge of the world to be slightly ornery. . . like Thursday morning when the Little Lady informed me she wished she was a bee.  So she could make honey.  And sting me.  On my nose.

(clearly, I must have said “No” too much that morning)

Through every little stage, she’s nothing more than a sponge, soaking up the world around her, listening with keen ears to everything that’s said.  Bringing me book after book after book so I can help her with reading development — or, in her view, so she can learn ALL about “buttewflies, bugs, and baby animals.”

(maybe she’s going to be a little scientist someday)

Though there are days when I’m irritated by the constant refrain of “Why” or the constant pushing of boundaries . . . and the constant bossy tones that resonate in her squeaky voice, I love this age.

As a Mommy and a (former) teacher, I can see the wheels turning during this stage of unstoppable learning . . . where every question, every rhyme, every song is preparing her for the next stage of life: kindergarten . . . another teacher focusing on reading lessons, science labs and charts, writing practice, mathematics . . . formal education.

I only have a short year left to be her sole teacher — the one person helping her explore language, music, science and the rest of this large world.

One year left to be the center of her world — “the” influence.

I’d better make this year count.

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  1. says

    That shot is the definition of three year old glamour.
    If you don’t take time to “lax” in the sunshine, you’re WEALLY not living. :)

  2. says

    Thanks for posting this! I think it’s really encouraging to know that through all of the tantrums, I’m teaching my daughter and she is learning at her own pace.

  3. says

    Ok I love your family even more. “Laxin” in the sun, hollywood glasses, pink lemonade, and slugs?! Can I come over?

  4. says

    OMG, the photo is stunning! They grow up way too fast. I’m shocked every time an adult walks in the door and calls me “mom”. :)

    Thanks for the congrats on my weight loss – it’s not Biggest Loser numbers, but I’m thrilled!


  5. says

    HUGS! Yes… time is FLYING by TOO quickly!! C will be starting kindergarten in the fall and I am about to have a nervous break down… praying that I have taught him the fundamentals, and have prepared his heart (with the Word of God) enough to send him out to *gasp* public school! I praying LOTS and doing my best to be a good role model on proper behavior (which is challenging on many ‘good days’)

    Hugs… what a cute little lady you have there ‘laxin’ in the sunshine! :)

  6. says

    I’m a firm believer that if one keeps a consistent parenting style so a child knows what to expect in regards to punishments and consequences, and your kids know that they can tell you anything without being fearful about it because they know you are fair in your assessment; that you will always be the primary influencer of your children.

  7. says

    That picture is so sweet. My youngest is three now and he is such a little sponge. I love it – and your daughter and he share the same interests … butterflies and slugs. LOL. We also have a butterfly garden so he can see the process from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly. There is so much we can teach them in a fun way when they are home with us.

  8. says

    such a cute photo. i LOVE this age. I want to freeze time so my last baby doesn’t turn in to a full blown big boy!!

  9. Renee Diver says

    I’m not yet a Mom, but I hope when I am I’m able to understand my kiddos the way you do. This post genuinely touched my heart. Thanks Rachel. :)

  10. says

    It all happens too fast! I often talk to my husband about how we need to slow down and enjoy every second because in a blink of an eye – we’ll have grown kids!

  11. says

    “I only have a short year left to be her sole teacher”
    that phrase struck me hard. i might have less than than it I put her in a pre-k program,holy crap

  12. says

    wow, such a great post. It really hit home with me because my oldest will be starting school next year as well, this made me realize I really do need to take advantage of the sponge stage and enjoy it.

    And your daughter? SO cute!!

  13. says

    What’s great is that once you learn something, you can’t unlearn it. You’re an amazing mother. I love that picture and she looks like she is loving life and is so carefree.

  14. says

    Oh my friend, you are wrong about my post versus yours. You said it PERFECTLY. I loved everything about it.

    And that picture of your Little Lady is fabulous!!