Leslie Sansone Workout Kits {review & giveaway}

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Since ending my Mamavation Boot Camp, I have been trying to keep the momentum going.  How?  Reading lots of health books, researching new recipes, and looking for ways to change up my workout routines.

A few weeks ago, I was offered the chance to try out some of Leslie Sansone’s workout kits; the timing of the offer was uncanny.  The day before, I had read an article in my recent copy of Family Circle magazine,outlining an easy walking program, created by Leslie Sansone.

Leslie Sansone’s “Walk At Home” exercise programs take the act of walking, combined with rhythmic music and a variety of steps, and gives a fun, easy, and option filled way to burn off calories.

Here’s how Leslie describes her program:

Walk At Home is a system of walking based moves that allow you to choose a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or more MILES of walking, and you don’t have to leave the area in front of your TV or computer! It’s convenient, because you can walk anytime of the day! Just pop in one of our many DVDs, and WALK!

Walk at Home programs are available at gentle paces for those that are new to exercise, or “POWER WALK” to my advanced pace walks that move you as fast as 6 miles per hour. In some workouts we “walk” to speeds that are equivalent to a 10 minute mile! Now that’s really torching the calories! It’s the best way to walk for weight loss!

And there’s more… This is MULTI-MUSCLE walking; not what you do in a typical stroll around the block. We put ALL MUSCLES in MOTION and in many directions. The arms work the upper body, the core muscles fire to get that tummy area slim and the legs move in new directions for MAXIMUM MUSCLE ACTIVATION!

What Did I Think?

I was given two of Leslie Sansone’s workouts from her newest program, Walk Your Way Thin.  The 3 Mile Calorie Blast Kit comes with the workout DVD and a Walk Belt, while the Punch Up Your Walk Kit adds weighted gloves to use with the workout DVD.

For my first venture into a walking workout, I decided to try the Punch Up Your Walk kit first.

Leslie Sansone -- Punch Up Your Walk

I wasn’t sure what to envision when I thought about weighted gloves and was pleasantly surprised to find the gloves easy to put on and not overwhelmingly heavy.

The workout was easy to do but not just a “walk in the park.”  The background music sets the pace for each step of the journey, eventually getting you up to nearly a 5 mph pace!  It was easy to keep up with Leslie — but, if it’s too much, don’t worry!  She lets you modify (i.e. take it down a notch) if you need to.

In addition to your normal step-action, Leslie has you implement back kicks, front kicks and side steps through out the workout, making sure you use ALL of your leg muscles.

And, then there were the gloves.

I was a little nervous about using the gloves.  Would I be trying to walk and punch an imaginary bag the whole time?  This gal is NOT coordinated and visions of falling flat on my face began coursing through my mind.

Turns out, walking and punching is easier than I thought!  The punches (as well as jabs and stretches) are done for the purpose of reminding you to effectively use your core muscles, as well as adding more calorie burning movements to the routine.  At no time did I find it difficult to add in the punch movements when instructed.

One of the best features of this routine is that YOU choose how far you want to walk.  There are “mile markers” at each of the 4 miles in this walk.  If you only want to walk 2 miles, no problem!

Overall, I was pleased with Leslie Sansone’s walking workout.  It is very accessible work-out, one that anyone could easily begin regardless of their fitness level.  I could see how this would have been a great, gentle (but effective) exercise routine for me while I was pregnant and after giving birth (after receiving clearance from my doctor).  Older adults, looking for a low-impact way to exercise, would find this a good alternative — especially as it can be done indoors and out of the summer heat.


  • All of Leslie Sansone’s kits are available on her website, Walk at Home.
  • In addition, you can find the Walk Your Way Thin Series (including the kits I received) at select Target stores and at Target Online.
  • For extra savings, Costco is offering four of her kits on sale through June 29th, at $11.50 each!


Leslie Sansone has graciously offered to give one reader the same two kits I received!

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Disclosure: Note: This was not a paid post. For this honest review, I was given the two Walk Your Way Thin exercise kits mentioned in this post.

p.s. My Co-Mamavation Mom, Kim of Mentally Inked, is ALSO hosting a Leslie Sansone Giveaway. Visit her for more chances to win!


  1. says

    I recently purchased the walking DVD at Costco that has the resistance bands and is a 5 mile walk. I loved it! I’m 8 months pregnant and it’s something I can do on days when I just don’t want to beat the 100 degree heat and venture outside. Also, I think it will be great with a newborn because I won’t be able to go to the gym like I normally do. I would love another of Leslie Sansone’s videos to switch up during the week!

  2. mariam says

    I made it a goal to start living more healthy so this would be a fun way to fit exercise into my day!

  3. J. says

    This would help me work out more at home when I don’t have time to get to the gym.

  4. Jay says

    This would be great b/c I can’t make it to the gym and would love to work out at home.

  5. says

    I would love this! With 2 toddlers at home with all their activities, I can not get to the gym anymore. And living in AZ- it is already 100 all day here so walking outside is torture!! I would love to be able to do this during naptime in my nice air conditioned private home!! :)