My Final Entry To the Dorky Mom Club: A Hello Kitty Bento

Forget the princesses.

The Little Lady is a Hello Kitty girl … all. the. way.

All throughout the school year, she has been begging for a Hello Kitty bento lunch to match her Hello Kitty lunch-bag, water bottle, finger-nail polish, lip-gloss, t-shirts, and sandals.

She’s a wee bit obsessed.

Last week, while wasting time in Hobby Lobby, I came across a set of Hello Kitty cookie cutters.

(they’re in the party supply aisle, if you need your own set; I’m sure you can also find them on Amazon)

$3… and done.  I had them.  WE had them.  And, yes, WE were both excited.

Making a Hello Kitty Bento

Well, excited until this morning came … way, way, way too soon.  But, knowing I had promised the Little Lady a Hello Kitty Bento, I got my grouchy self out of bed and stumbled bleary eyed into the kitchen.

After grabbing a few piece of whole wheat bread, a smear of sugar-free peanut butter and organic raspberry preserves, I had the basic sandwich to go with the “brown” and pink/red color scheme.

Then, it was time to decorate.

  • Bow: hand-carved from the wax coating of a Baby Bel Cheese
  • Eyes and Whiskers: cut from a sheet of Nori (dried seaweed which can be found in the Asian food aisle of your grocery store)
  • Nose: a little yellow candy from a cake decor kit (Wilton brand)

The rest of her lunch was much simpler:

  • Fresh organic raspberries
  • Pretzel fish
  • Baby Bel cheese
  • Organic grape tomatoes

Just before I wrapped everything up and placed her lunch in the fridge, I called my daughter over.  She skipped to me with all the glory and energy a four year old has.

And then SQUEALED.


The Little Lady wrapped her arms around my legs and, looking up with her big green eyes dancing, yelled, “YOU’RE THE BEST MOM EVER!”

Not too shabby of a title …. considering I was accused of being the WORST mom ever just 24 hours earlier (after making her take a nap).

Four year olds.

Drama and Hello Kitty Lovin’ little terrors.


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  1. Cynthia says

    FYI – I just found a set of HK cookie cutters at WMart and they are on clearance (red tag).

  2. says

    I’m going to be totally honest here … I use to roll my eyes at parents that went to the trouble of making these cutsie lunches.

    But now that I have a daughter in school I really want to make some for her. We’re starting with this one!

  3. says

    That is beyond cool. I remember getting tuna fish sandwiches for lunch in school. It would’ve been insane to have gotten a Batman-shaped sandwich or something when I was a kid!

  4. says

    Isn’t that music to you ears, when they say your the best mom ever? It makes up for the “worst” mom ever comment. :)

  5. says

    I totally LOVE this and wish MY mom would make me one. LOL I found the Hello Kitty egg mold on Amazon and will be ordering it- guess I’ll have to throw in some cookie cutters now too… and maybe the ice molds. Too much? Never! :)