Need Meal Planning Help? Here It Is!

Tonight (as part of the International Delight Coffee Talk Community) I have the privilege of co-hosting a live chat on the subject of Meal Planning — which, as any reader of this blog knows, is a subject dear to my heart.

(after all, how else am I expected to stay sane during the early evening witching hours my kidlets put me through?)

Along with Tiffany from Eat At Home (a FABULOUS meal-planning blogshe even gives weekly grocery lists with her menus), Shannon from For the Mommas, and Liz from Hoosier Homemade, we will be chatting about everything in the menu/meal planning realm:

  • Tips
  • Struggles
  • Recipes
  • Planning tools and Sites
  • Printables and more!
WHEN: Wednesday, March 14th, 9pm EST
WHERE:  the chat will be embedded on my blog — the post for it will go up on Wednesday and be “live” that evening at 8 CMT (9 pm EST).
If you have ever wanted to know more about planning meals for your family, this will be a GREAT time to get ideas and resources … as well as a chance to have a “sounding board” with moms who regularly plan meals.

Chat With Us!


Until Wednesday, here are a few posts I’ve written on meal planning:

 What We Are Eating This Week

This past week was ridiculous.  The good part was a visit from my mom.  The bad parts? A busted dryer … a busted washer (that died the DAY the new dryer arrived) … and a busted back.  My back.

Yeah, as I’ve complained on Facebook, I feel like a feeble, ancient woman, hobbling to and fro with the help of pain meds and Icy-Hot patches.

So not good times.

I’m still struggling with the pain and limited mobility so I’ve kept things easy this week with our menu, utilizing freezer meals and my Husband’s cooking skills.

Monday:  Leftovers (so thrilling)

Tuesday: (freezer) Taco Soup, Cornbread, Salad

Wednesday: Crazy Pizza (never got around to making this last week so it is showing up on the menu again)

Thursday: Chili con Carne, Rice, Salad

Friday: Breakfast for Dinner — Biscuits and Gravy, Fruit Salad

Saturday: Spaghetti with Bolognese Sauce (using my slow-cooker marinara)

Sunday: Dinner with our Church Life-Group

What is your go-to dinner when you’re sick or down?



Disclosure: I am a paid community leader for the Coffee Talk Community; but all words, opinions, topics, etc., shared are my own.


  1. says

    When I’m sick, I love soup, but not chicken noodle. I’ve never been a fan of that. I like an onion soup or a broccoli cheese. When I’m down, ice cream hands down makes me feel better.

  2. Samantha says

    You could also go with another meat dish. Chicken is lovely with harm or sausage meatballs, which is made with sausage meat, stuffing, chopped onion and apple.

  3. says

    our go to is anything pasta. Baked Ziti is #1 onthat list. While I may not have meat defrosted I always have pepperoni in the fridge and a quick fry of that added to ziti is YUM.

  4. says

    I was just asking another blogger from some tips. I used to be really diligent in planning my meals every Saturday, doing my shopping and posting my menus on my blog. I think I am in a rut with my rotations and will be looking for new recipes. Plus, I just started Weight Watchers and the family is not on it, so what do I cook that we all can eat?

    I won’t be able to attend your chat, as I will be at home, preparing dinner for my family, unless of course I can plan ahead. But hopefully you will post about it on your blog!