The Toothless Wonder


As if he didn’t look cute enough (or ornery enough) with ALL his teeth …

now I have to deal with this impish grin.

Just try saying “No” to that face …

It’s impossible.

p.s. His tooth (which was broken last summer during a fall) was extracted last week after the dentist determined it was infected. He was a trooper during the procedure …
wish I could say the same about his Daddy when the bill came.


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    Fantastic photo! What a cutie and so funny about Dad not being a trooper with the bill! Happy to be following from WW bloghop. Hope you’ll stop by my blog to check it out!

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    Hi Rachel, as if he wasn’t cute enough…this just gives him extra, extra character. Can’t blame you for losing your battle with that face!

    Congrats on making the top few Wordful Wednesday post!

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    Did the tooth fairy still make a visit? When my oldest lost his first tooth (naturally) 2 years ago, he was beyond excited about her coming that night. My little man keeps asking when his tooth will fall out, but he’s only 4, so he will probably start losing them within the next year or so!

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    I know all about extraction bills, but oh my stars he looks adorable. And pssssst…..I’m totally linking up your post next week as my “best of” from this week!

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    I thought he looked too young to lose a tooth! I guess you are going to be looking at a toothless smile for a while.