A Week Of Grain-Free Lunches {iheartLunch}

grain free lunch idea- rotisserie deli chicken, veggies, fruit, nuts, grainfree muffin

It’s been just shy of a month, give or take, since we put the whole family on a grain-free experiment. So far, it has DEFINITELY helped the Little Lady’s tummy problems.  Her stomach aches have nearly disappeared; the only time we see one arise is after she has eaten something she shouldn’t.  We’re working on… 

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Cool Ranch Chicken Nuggets – GF/NF {iheartLunch}

Cool Ranch Chicken Nuggets grain-free chicken recipes

Going grain-free means a lot of changes for the little Kidlets … the biggest of which has been no more Chic-Fil-La. (Oh, their broken little hearts!) It was the home of their favorite play-scape, their favorite waffle fries, and their favorite kid food: (whole) chicken nuggets.  But, grain breading aside, the nuggets — yummy though… 

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The Last of the Halloween Bentos {iheartLunch}

Simple Black Cat Halloween Lunch

FINALLY … that’s what I think each year when “Halloween Week” arrives.  Finally we are at the end…. no more halloween themed lunches pushing the boundaries of my creativity. One month’s reprieve before the month of Christmas lunches begin. Finally — my brain gets a break. Of course, by the time December 1st rolls around,… 

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Simple Ways To Make a Halloween Lunch {iheartLunch}

Simple Halloween Kid Food

  I’ve talked about making this school year the “Year of Make-Ahead Lunches.”  It’s still going on and it’s still working for me.  BUT … now that we are entering my favorite months (yes, I’m 100% a fall and winter girl), it’s hard not to make our simple lunches into fun and cute themed lunches…. 

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It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin Halloween Lunch Bento

Last year, we started a new Fall Tradition: watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”.  We make pizza, eat on the living room floor, and watch Linus wait and wait and wait for the Great Pumpkin. Poor, Linus. It’s one of the Kidlets’ favorite movies (along with just about every other Charlie Brown movie) and… 

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