A Meal Plan I Must Have!

#grainfree meal plan -- breakfast and lunch ideas too!

I feel like it’s been forrrrrrevvvvver since I last shared a weekly menu — and that is probably due to the fact I haven’t taken my normal Sunday afternoon to actually MAKE a meal plan.

“GAH!”, I say!!!

I’ve let illnesses, rain, general busyness and more just get in the way of doing the one, solitary thing that keeps my week sane.  So, as you can imagine, life has not been fun the past several weeks.

But, I’m back!  Back on the wagon!  Back in the saddle!  BACK on some kind of old mode of transportation and BACK into the meal planning mindset.

What We’re Eating This Week




  • Monday: Paleo Pizza Muffins (recipe will be posted Tuesday), Marinara Sauce, Blueberries, Cucumber & Carrots, Nut-Thins
  • Tuesday: Meatballs (served in a Thermos), Blueberries and Grapes, Veggies, Grain-free Muffin (recipe development project)
  • Wednesday: DIY Taco Nachos (from dinner leftovers), Veggies, Apple Slices
  • Thursday: Tuna Salad, Nut-Thins, Veggies, Apples and Grapes
  • Friday: Greek Burger, Green Beans, Nut-Thins, Grapes



  • Yogurt with Frozen Blueberries
  • Apple French Toast Muffins
  • Eggs and Bacon
  • Oatmeal and Cereal (for the boys)

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