What’s For Dinner, Mama?

a full week of #grainfree menu ideas

Do you ever tire of that daily — sometimes HOURLY — question? I do.  Not gonna lie.  I get tired of the question being asked fifty-million times between the hours of 4-6 pm: aka “The Witching Hours.” Mr. Boy’s reaction is always the same: “Awwwww!  I HATE _______________.”  And, for the record, he hates anything… 

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So … What Are We Gonna Eat This Week?


Confession time, y’all: I have NOT been in the mood for much lately.  Cooking?  No.  Writing?  No.  Figuring out what the heck we’re gonna eat each meal?  No. Laundry?  No.  That’s why Barney Kneeknuckles wore some of his sister’s pink lined socks more than once last week. (don’t judge) I don’t know what it is… 

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Mommy Goes On a Sugar Detox {weekly menu plan}

menu planning monday

Did I mention I went all crazy and decided to do the 21-Day Sugar Detox? In October? Right when all the fall sugary goodness and treats start to make their appearance? Yeah.  No sugar.   Not even fruit.   And … no grains.   AT. ALL. Sometimes I question my sanity. Technically, I tried to… 

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The Best of Intentions Don’t Outweigh a Good Ol’ Nap

Food For The Family: week of meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

For the past few weeks, I have been *so good* about taking time on the weekends to prep food for the week ahead.  I’ve washed fruit, baked breakfast muffins, grilled chicken, and packed lunches … everything (breakfast, lunch and dinner) ready to go for Monday morning. This weekend????? Yeah.  I didn’t feel like it, so… 

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Prepping For The Week Ahead, Week 3

Yesterday was Sunday.  The day for church and afternoon naps …. oh, wait.  Naps are for my Husband and the Kidlets. This Mama?  She spends her afternoon at the grocery store and in the kitchen, prepping make ahead meals and packing school lunches (yes, ahead of time). And — first and foremost — washing produce…. 

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Prepping For the Week Ahead: How I Make It Work


When I shared my meal plan last week, I had a few questions here and on Facebook, asking how I actually handled it all — the shopping and then the prep/cooking. (and, yes, I realize it is NOT Monday … but getting back into the “Working Mom” routine is wearing me out … so humor… 

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