More Grown Up Time. {the G-Rated kind}

Texas Highway Sunset

Until this week, I hadn’t realized how much I’ve missed my husband.   In a world swirling with babies and toddlers and preschoolers, it doesn’t take much to lose sight of a spouse as you deal with little people who are completely dependent on you for food, diaper changes, and middle of the night hugs…. 

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Preparing For My Worst Nightmare (in a good way)

You may not have noticed, but I’ve been on a “2012″ kick this week, sharing our Year of Dating project and the “intentional living “resolutions Hubby and I made for the year. And on Facebook, for the past few weeks, I’ve been talking about my organizational goals for the new year.  In 2012, I want… 

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When You Want Proof You Went On A Date …

January Date Breakfast

Tips for Taking a “Date Night” (or date breakfast) Photo (1) Don’t bring your dslr — take a point and shoot for the ease of the stranger you ask to take a picture of you and your date. (2) Don’t choose a location that caters to the elderly (i.e. Cracker Barrel in the morning) ……. 

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Hubby’s Gift: A Year of Date Nights

preplanned dates

So, I hinted a few times before Christmas that I had come up with the BEST gift for my husband.  And, I wasn’t exaggerating.  It was, absolutely, the most perfect present for Hubby. I gave that boy a year of pre-planned dates. It’s a simple scrapbook but inside there is one 12×12 page for each… 

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How A Man Named Tito Changed My Marriage

wedding rings

As I bragged to my friends on Facebook, I am working on Hubby’s Christmas gift … a really GOOD Christmas gift.  I am so stinkin’ excited to give it to him that I kinda want to go ahead and ruin the surprise by telling him about it. (B-u-t, I’m restraining my big mouth… which is… 

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Hubby, We Need to Talk

Meet Me Online

When did Parenting become a Zone Defense situation?  A series of calculated plays where you cover your area and I cover my area — all in the hope nothing gets by us . . . while we pray there’s a chance for a time-out huddle. Doesn’t it feel as though we haven’t seen each other… 

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