Bixbee Backpacks {review and giveaway}

BIxbee Backpack Review and Giveaway

When the Little Lady started Kindergarten last month, we debated on whether or not we should purchase a new backpack.  She had used the same bag for two years and, while it had definitely held up with the rough daily use that only exuberant preschoolers can give, it was a little worn around the edges… 

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Bad Gift Giving Is a Thing Of The Past

pickURgift for easy gift giving

I love planning parties and gatherings for our friends and family.  I love creating new recipes for special occasions.  I love fashioning DIY decorations for Christmas, birthdays, halloween and every other recognized (and unrecognized) holiday out there. What I don’t love?  Trying to pick out a present for someone else.  I am the WORST gift-giver… 

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Barbecue vs. The White Capris. Ugh.

resolve works on bbq stains

For over six years, I have had “Kid-Safe” Clothing and “Don’t You Dare Touch Me” Clothing.  Date-night attire, church dresses and a few other pieces fall into the latter category — clothes that I do NOT want touched by sticky, sappy Kidlet fingers or doused in drool or splattered by one of the myriad of… 

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Frying With Less Guilt


I live in Texas.  Land of fried food, barbecue and Tex-Mex goodness.  While I showcase a lot of Tex-Mex and have worked a few twists on classic barbecue dishes, I’ve stayed away from fried recipes. Make no mistake — I LOVE fried catfish, hushpuppies, onion rings and empanadas, but the act of frying scares me…. 

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Introducing A Summer Treat #RaiseaCone

Drumstick Ice Cream #RaiseaCone

Since the Kidlets and I came up with our Summer Fun List, we’ve been slowly crossing goals, activities and treats off one by one.  Some of our adventures are old favorites: joining the library’s reading program, playing in the sprinkler and roasting marshmallows outside under the setting sun. But last week, we tried something new…. 

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