Finding Other Moms Who GET It {and giveaway}

Mommy Moment

When I was anticipating the birth (and our adoption) of the Little Lady, I stumbled into an online world of Moms … all expecting babies due the same month as our little girl.  While I couldn’t relate to their complaints of morning sickness, glucose testing or swollen ankles, it was fun to have other women… 

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Safe Baby Wearing

Safe Baby-wearing

With the Little Lady, I missed out on the baby-wearing boat. . . I had no idea it existed in the haze of new motherhood.  We had rushed to finish our adoption process and my thoughts were consumed with it.  I focused on having a nursery decorated, a bed assembled, and bottles ready to go…. 

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Thankful For I Love You

Hungry Toddler

It’s Wednesday and we’re all being incredibly – INCREDIBLY – lazy today.  No school.  No work.  Nothing to do but watch the Curious George “A Very Monkey Christmas” special. It’s glamorous around here, y’all. But, over the sounds of the jeans tumbling in the dryer and the dishwasher blasting away at a load of yesterday’s… 

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Forget the Tent! Stylish Maternity Clothing Ideas for Fall.

ideas for stylish fall maternity clothes

Maternity wear is not synonymous with hiding your bump in over-sized clothing. While you do require a bigger size once the bump starts to show, it certainly does not imply a tent (and slacks don’t need to be the order of the day). Dressing in style during maternity however can be a bit tricky, but… 

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The First Day of Kindergarten

First Day of School Memories

We made it.  We got through the first day of school.  And … we didn’t cry. (nope, not even Mommy!!!!!) Her outfit only got mildly messy from lunch, recess, and art. Her hair-bow didn’t make it all day (it never does). And when I arrived to walk her home, she was one tired little girl…. 

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